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Letter from the CEO


Recently, a BankersLab participant commented, “I will always look back at this training as a pivot in my career.” It’s feedback like this that both humbles us and motivates us.


After training people from over 25 countries, at various levels of seniority and skill, commonalities emerge. Competition is a powerful motivator. Group work is fun and fosters improved communication across departments. Simulation teaches intuition about complex data interactions. Each of these facets plays a unique role in creating a dynamic learning environment.


We’ve seen enormous success with our “Lab” course format — instructor-led, simulation-based, and fueled by team competition.


How did we do it?


We did it with Dr. Neil Seitz and our CTO team, who together, built a simulation engine that balanced simplicity and richness. These engines provide data that is stylized, maintaining important complexities while smoothing out the noise and allowing participants to test-drive their knowledge and skills. As our clients have said, “This is not a toy.”….


Our success also comes from our top-notch faculty, who each play important roles as coaches, mentors, and advisors to our participants. The exceptional feedback and ratings of our faculty are evidence of their devotion and energy; they make sure every participant walks away with valuable knowledge gains.


We did it with exceptional clients who have high expectations for training. They invest not only in their employees by providing powerful learning experiences, but also in their institution by providing cross department understanding and organizational change.


Lastly, our industry colleagues have played a key role in defining BankersLab’s success. Our course offerings, driven by your requests, are growing quickly; keep your suggestions coming our way and we will do our best to bring them into reality.


We look forward to seeing you in a course soon!



Michelle Katics
BankersLab, CEO

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Michelle Katics, CEO


“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” ― Ann Voskamp


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