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Retail Bank Simulation Training Products


At BankersLab® we believe that human capital is a currency that counts. Our goal is to revolutionize the way professionals train and learn, raising the bar of expertise in the banking industry.


BankersLab® specializes in retail bank simulation training by utilizing a blended learning model that integrates numerical simulations, scenario games, the gamified classroom and mobile learning into four product lines; Lab, Quest, Challenge, and Banc-It.


Why Gamification?


Gamification is about taking the essential ingredients of a game and applying them to real-world, non-game situations. By introducing game mechanics such as rules, challenges and rewards for achievements; training becomes not only more fun, but most importantly learners are motivated and engaged.


Simulation Gaming


BankersLab® uses numerical simulations to isolate portfolio performance cause and effect, allowing banking professionals to better anticipate and respond to global market shifts. Each Lab® product is based on a complex numerical simulation game, immersing the learner in a virtual world that allows them to put theoretical knowledge to the test in a safe environment. Learning modules require the players to interact with data, interpret trends, understand changing market conditions, and build strategies – with the aim of operating the most profitable virtual bank. By playing a Lab simulation game, learners can gain decades of additional ‘experience’ in a virtual setting.


To learn more visit our product pages: CollectionLab, CreditLab, & ScoringLab.

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