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Course Description

CollectionLab® improves a bank’s ability to optimize delinquent collections. The ideal collection strategy requires professionals to maintain a healthy portfolio, ensure customer satisfaction and sustain strong debt collection results. It’s a constant juggle between the high cost of severe collections actions, the potential attrition impact of the actions on our good customers, and the credit loss repercussions of taking too gentle an approach.
During the course, participants will analyze these trade-offs and then test their skill at formulating effective strategies. First, fundamentals and best practices of collections management are presented. Next, participants will apply their knowledge through activities, case studies and a simulation game. Each team has to demonstrate expertise in each of the key areas of collection management, including staffing, resource allocation, economic stress and product growth. In order to win the simulation game, teams must successfully operate the most profitable virtual bank with the most satisfied customers.
Banc-It™: Collections Edition app is a mobile learning app designed to be used independently or to support CollectionLab. This app sharpens professional expertise – testing technical knowledge of collections management, scoring, debt collection, and customer service. Players are challenged to beat the rat race and get promoted from Intern to Executive, picking up badges for expertise, speed and persistence.

Target Audience

Retail Banking Manager Level, such as:


• Risk Managers

• Collections Managers

• Product Managers and Analysts

Latest Testimonials

“Using the simulation game helped me build a better understanding of the collections process, and has given me a great amount of confidence in my professional abilities.”Risk Manager , Jakarta, Indonesia


“The simulation provided us with the opportunity to apply what was learned in each module and better understand the impact of our decisions on the final outcome”Risk Manager , Jakarta, Indonesia


“I really enjoyed the capacity planning and collections strategy modules as it helped me with the knowledge and skills I need to perform my role effectively”Risk Manager , Jakarta, Indonesia


“Every module of CollectionLab was quite impressive and has a wide-range of benefits for our team.”Risk Manager , Jakarta, Indonesia


“I found the sharing sessions regarding best practices very useful as they kept me informed about the diversity of processes across the region”Risk Manager , Jakarta, Indonesia


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