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Course Description

CreditLab® is an award winning simulation-based training course designed to develop sharper portfolio management skills and a deeper understanding of the consumer credit lifecycle.
Risk vs. Reward: it’s a simple concept, but it is not easy to strike the right balance. It’s critical that professionals get this right. However, with changing environments and long time frames for losses to emerge, it is difficult to detect the impact of our decisions. Simulation-based learning is a powerful tool to help bankers improve their skill set.
CreditLab® provides a rigorous exploration of the credit cycle, focusing on topics such as product design, underwriting, account management, and portfolio monitoring. Each day, teams must test drive their technical expertise of risk strategy, capacity planning and collections management in a simulation game. In order to win, players must successfully operate the most profitable virtual bank with the most satisfied customers.

Target Audience

Retail Banking Manager level, such as: Risk Managers, Risk Analysts, Collections Managers, Collections Supervisors, Credit Managers, Finance Managers and Operations Managers.

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Latest Testimonials


“The instructor is superb in terms of subject matter mastery and ensuring we had fun. They did a great job at facilitating good examples of real life events – risk and credit issues which we can all relate to well.”

Risk Manager , Jakarta, Indonesia


“I really enjoyed the course. It covered a broad range of materials at an effective pace. The case studies and simulation game enhanced my learning hugely.”

Risk Manager , Singapore


“The simulations are virtual, but they actually get the adrenalin pumping”

Risk Manager , Delhi, India


“I’ve spent a very insightful and interesting three days – I’ll be taking away a lot of food for thought!”

Risk Manager , Delhi, India

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