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Topics Covered

ScoringLab® is a simulation-based training course that improves a bank’s ability to use credit scoring more effectively, when managing retail portfolios.


The multi-day training course is run in a classroom setting and transforms the learner into a player.  In order to win the simulation game, players must successfully operate the most profitable virtual bank under dynamic conditions.  Each team must demonstrate expertise in the key areas of credit score usage, including: risk reward trade-off, trends, identifying causal factors, and using scores for customer growth.


Each module of the simulation game is linked to content rich course materials, activities, case studies and the Banc-it mobile learning app.

Banc-it®: Scoring Edition app is a mobile learning app designed to be used independently or to support ScoringLab. This app tests technical knowledge of scoring concepts and terminology. Do you think you have the expertise it takes? Then play through the quiz levels and demonstrate your knowledge of credit scoring data, usage, model development and monitoring. Question too tough? Jump into the reference material to improve your knowledge, they try again!


Who Should Attend

Retail Bank Manager level, such as: Risk Managers, Risk Analysts, Product Managers, Portfolio Managers, Finance Managers, and Operations Managers and staff.

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