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Course Description

ScoringLab® improves a bank’s ability to use credit scoring more effectively, when managing retail lending portfolios. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of scorecard development, business usage, management and tracking. Both risk and business staff will benefit from a rigorous understanding of how to effectively use scorecards to manage portfolio risk and profitability.
In the simulation, each team must demonstrate expertise in the key areas of credit score usage, including: risk reward trade-off, trends, identifying causal factors, and using scores for customer growth.
Banc-it®: Scoring Edition app is a mobile learning app designed to be used independently or to support ScoringLab. This app tests technical knowledge of scoring concepts and terminology. Do you think you have the expertise it takes? Then play through the quiz levels and demonstrate your knowledge of credit scoring data, usage, model development and monitoring. Question too tough? Jump into the reference material to improve your knowledge, they try again!


Target Audience

Retail Bank Manager level, such as: Risk Managers, Risk Analysts, Product Managers, Portfolio Managers, Finance Managers, and Operations Managers and staff.

Learning Objectives

1. Articulate data requirements, implementation issues, key types of scorecards, and how they are used.


2. Examine portfolio chronology logs, final score reports and characteristic analysis reports in order to identify important changes in the applicant population.


3. Examine key statistics that can be used to define the score cut-off. List the steps in building a scorecard and key decisions that require business input.


4. Analyze portfolio performance reports in order to determine if the scorecard is effectively predicting repayment behaviour.

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